You are dead. Welcome to hell, your new home. A very small world.

You don't know what happened and how you ended up here, but you are not alone. Your fellow Ludum Dare friends NPC friends are with you in hell and they too want to find out how they died, hoping to find peace once and for all.

How to play: Move around hell with the arrow keys or a and d. Use your mouse to interact with NPC's. Find Satan, maybe you can trick him and leave hell once and for all.

The game was supposed to allow players to give each other hints, but due to server problems and the resulting time constraints I had to cut that feature (aswell as a proper menu!). Therefor the game might be harder than planned for some players. The game is over when you answer Satans final question. No end screen either. Sorry guys!

Made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare Compo by @psychead.

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